New year, new beginnings

Well, Liam and I finished 2015 with a bang. He had surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed to help his sleep apnea. Now one month later and he’s a whole new child!

Having a child with autism is challenging, especially after his surgery. There were times when I thought we were going to end up back in the hospital because I couldn’t get home to drink anything. Through it all though, I had my family supporting me. It also didn’t hurt that I basically gave my son a bunch of bribes to take his medicine. Continue reading


I’ve been neglecting this blog and its readers now for several months. Every time I have thought about taking it down or doing something with it, I’m never sure where to start.

It’s almost become a character blog more times than I can count. In the minds of most, that would probably be the better idea because I’ve written a few screenplays and am about a third of a way through a book. However, that didn’t seem right either. Continue reading

Missing moments

I was in Eureka Friday visiting one of the TV stations whose digital properties I manage. I did trainings with the reporters, and then got to hang out with the news anchor after work. It was a nice break from routine, but it reminded me of what I miss.

Have you ever missed a moment in your life and wished you could go back to it? I don’t necessarily miss one specific moment, it’s more like a chapter of my life. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed being a reporter until I accepted a position where I don’t go into the field and create content. Instead, I manage a website for two TV stations, their social media accounts, and their apps. On occasion I get to jump in and help post breaking news and press releases. Continue reading

Creating order

Horoscopes are funny things. You either believe in them or you don’t. I don’t typically put a lot of stock in my horoscope or what it is telling me about being a Capricorn. Today was different though. I took today off from work, this allowed me to actually sit and enjoy my breakfast. On a whim I decided to check my horoscope, and it said something that resonated with me, mostly because I’d been thinking about this for a while.

My horoscope said that I need to streamline my life and make it more user friendly, and that I also needed to get things in order before I start pursuing romantic endeavors. The reason why this resonated with me is because I have all these half completed projects around my house, but haven’t found the time to finish them. My master bed room basically became a large closet because I didn’t feel the need to put away my folded, clean clothes. My sewing projects had taken over the guest room, and I have a bin in the kitchen filled with mail that needs to be filed. Continue reading

Dating & disappointment

“Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow.” ~ Orebela Gbenga

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced when trying to break back into the dating world hasn’t been my career or my son – it’s timing.

I’ve never had great timing. I can look back over the years and see the pattern. In high school, I wasn’t confident enough and this led to much disappointment because I would talk myself out of even going after a guy I had a crush. I would use excuses as a defense mechanism. Then when those excuses turned out to be even partially true, I used them as a brick to build a wall around myself and my heart. By the time I was to the point where I’d work up the courage to ask the guy out, he was already dating someone. Continue reading

New year, new direction

After a series of opportunities took me away from this blog, I’ve decided to come back to it with a different approach.

Instead of focusing on crafts and projects, and this recipe or that, I’ve decided to focus more on my life and share pieces of it. I’ve noticed one of the big things about having a career and a child with autism, is that there isn’t necessarily people out their talking about their experiences or life. Continue reading

Somthing new

For the past six months, I’ve been applying and job searching with little success. I’ve had two job interviews, but zero job offerings. It’s been frustrating to say the least. Recently, an opportunity has presented itself, and I jumped at it!

I worked for almost four and half years in Anderson, California as a reporter for the weekly newspaper there. At the beginning of July, the decision was made by the corporation that owns the paper to eliminate the website. This leaves a news void in this particular community because the same corporation that owns the weekly paper, also owns the only daily newspaper in Redding, which is 12 miles away. Because Redding is the bigger city, the newspaper and television media devote more space to that community. So, I decided to start my own online newspaper. Continue reading