Finding time

A few weeks ago, I launched Liam’s YouTube Channel, On the Hunt. He’s been very successful and is already up to 11 subscribers and over 100 views on all of his videos.

With school starting tomorrow, it will greatly help me find time. We’ve been able to find the time to create new reviews, but Liam doesn’t understand that we need to edit them too. So with him in school tomorrow,  I’ll be able to finish editing and uploading a review.

His starting school will also help me with my writing. As many of you know, I wrote two screenplays a few years ago. Last year I entered both into the Page Awards, but because of my work schedule and caring for Liam, I wasn’t able to edit the, based on the judge’s feedback. For that reason, I didn’t enter the. Into any screen writing competitions this year.

However, that’s about to change. I found a competition and am hoping to hit the early bird deadline of September 1. So, I’ll be aiming to edit and rewrite parts of both screenplays by next Friday. I’ll also have more time to devote to Liam’s reviews and channel.

I’ve messaged someone on Fiverr and plan on working with her to create a jingle for his channel. We will spend part of this weekend shooting the video for the intro to his videos.

In the meantime, check out his latest video at Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

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