New beginnings

Recently, I decided to help my son create a YouTube channel. After some research and then deciding what to do the videos on, we officially launched the channel today and have posted his first video.

I have recorded several reviews that I am editing together in between my freelance web design and orders from my Etsy store. We have had more time over the past six weeks to launch his YouTube Channel because I no longer work for the TV station I was. This has been good because it has allowed me time to bond with Liam before he starts kindergarten.

I know that some of the first reviews will be rough, and that this will be a bit of a learning curve, but it is also going to help empower Liam. So far he has really embraced it, and it doesn’t hurt that I have to approve the comments first, so his feelings aren’t hurt.

Because of his autism, he has a harder time connecting with people and doing things that other “normal” children enjoy. Going to the movie theater, for example, can be hard because of how loud the audio is. It is also dark, and this scares him. Knowing that loud noises, listening, and fast moving people or things ar4e difficult for him to process, it made finding something that could be his a little harder.

It’s my hope that his YouTube Channel will provide an outlet for him, and that this will help him with his socialization, as well as listening and trying new things.

Here is his first video. Enjoy!

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