Unexpected surprises

As many of you know, I have a store on Etsy and from time to time I flip furniture. Sometimes through my Etsy store, Sew Fantastic Crafts, and other times through Facebook pages and Craigslist locally.

It is often through these Facebook pages and Craigslist that I come across finds, which on occasion I snatch up to flip. Well, a few weeks ago, a post through one of the local vintage stores caught my attention. I saw this dresser being advertised, it was Mid-Century and looked similar to a piece given to me by a former roommate.

I popped into the store on my lunch break and immediately started searching for this dresser. It was $200 and if it was a Kent-Coffey like I thought, it was worth way more than that. After 10 minutes of scouring the front half of the store, I hit the back half and struck gold!

I spotted the dresser, along with several other Mid-Century pieces. The dresser I had seen online wasn’t a Kent-Coffey, like I had originally believe. Instead, it was an American Heritage piece, worth between $1,000 to $1,200. The seller had no idea what she had, and to add insult to injury – she had spray painted it white and re-stained the drawer fronts, but did a terrible job.

I went up to the front and asked about the dresser, and learned that it had been sitting in the back corner in this particular vendor’s space for about a month. I asked and received a discount, and went a head an purchased it, as well as a few other pieces. She also had a dresser, credenza and king headboard that are all part of the Kent-Coffey Perspecta collection.

Individually, those pieces totaled less than a quarter of what they are worth. But that is a story for another day.

These finds gave me a great idea. I’m always “On The Hunt” for bargains, rare items, projects, recipes, ect. So, I will be starting a YouTube channel and featuring items, like this one and other things I come across that I feel people will benefit from knowing. I’m hoping to launch the channel in a few weeks, and I hope you will join me.


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