New year, new beginnings

Well, Liam and I finished 2015 with a bang. He had surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed to help his sleep apnea. Now one month later and he’s a whole new child!

Having a child with autism is challenging, especially after his surgery. There were times when I thought we were going to end up back in the hospital because I couldn’t get home to drink anything. Through it all though, I had my family supporting me. It also didn’t hurt that I basically gave my son a bunch of bribes to take his medicine.

I have to say that that was the hardest and most frustrating part – getting Liam to take his medicine. It tasted gross, so I knew why he didn’t want to take it, but at the same time it kept the swelling down and killed the pain. However, Liam would have none of it. It was finally my sister who was able to get him to drink fluids and take his medicine.

The other part that was difficult was keeping him in a bubble and making sure he didn’t get sick while he was healing. I managed to accomplish that and a month after surgery, he has come down with a cold. I’m just grateful it wasn’t right after surgery.

As we start the new year, I have started working on more projects that will help me accomplish my goal of being a stay at home mom. One of the biggest things I’ve realized is that as my son grows older, he needs me more, not less. It’s an assumption on everyone’s part that he will become more independent as he gets older, but that’s not what is happening. It’s going to take him more time to build that.

Something else I get to look into are schools. Liam starts kindergarten this year, and I have to pick the perfect place for him. This worries me because ultimately I’m afraid he won’t be comfortable letting me leave, so I also have to consider homeschool as an option.

One thing is for sure, 2016 is going to be busy and keep us in our toes.

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