I’ve been neglecting this blog and its readers now for several months. Every time I have thought about taking it down or doing something with it, I’m never sure where to start.

It’s almost become a character blog more times than I can count. In the minds of most, that would probably be the better idea because I’ve written a few screenplays and am about a third of a way through a book. However, that didn’t seem right either.

As work has eaten up more of my time, it has become harder to find spare time to allow me to de-stress. Working in media, especially television news, can be stressful, and then coming home at night to care for an autistic child is equally, if not more so, stressful.

As we have battled challenges over this past year and created plans with my son’s autism, it has become very apparent to me that not everyone knows what a high-functioning level 2 autistic child looks like. People look at him and him and expect him to be normal, because at a quick glance, you can’t tell the difference. However, spend 10 minutes with my son, and you’ll begin to realize that he isn’t normal, he doesn’t see and experience the world the same as most people.

So, I have decided that the new purpose of this blog will be to turn it over to my four-year-old, and have him teach others what it is like to live with autism. What it is like to battle to one day be a level 1 or normal.

Together, he and I will post a variety of different things. I’m shooting for a new post every Monday or Tuesday, but it will be the goal to post a few times a week. We hope you stick around for the journey.

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