Missing moments

I was in Eureka Friday visiting one of the TV stations whose digital properties I manage. I did trainings with the reporters, and then got to hang out with the news anchor after work. It was a nice break from routine, but it reminded me of what I miss.

Have you ever missed a moment in your life and wished you could go back to it? I don’t necessarily miss one specific moment, it’s more like a chapter of my life. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed being a reporter until I accepted a position where I don’t go into the field and create content. Instead, I manage a website for two TV stations, their social media accounts, and their apps. On occasion I get to jump in and help post breaking news and press releases.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do, and am grateful for my job. However, I do miss reporting at times, which is not something I ever expected. There was a time when I wanted to be print reporter, and then a broadcast journalist, then a sportscaster, but then I found film and all that change. I could take my favorite parts of what I loved about each of them and combine them. I could be creative and tell people’s stories. I don’t get to tell people’s stories any more, and that’s the part I didn’t expect to miss.

I miss the interaction with community members, law enforcement, firefighters, government officials, and community leaders. Some would argue that I’m crazy, and that may well be the case. I’m learning how to be content with a new normal, because I will never get back the old normal. It doesn’t exist any more. And that’s okay. The world is all about change, and we have to move with it or get left behind.

In the meantime, I can write and be as creative as I want here on my blog. I can also focus on my screenplays and the short film I recently signed on for. I’ll establish a new normal, a new creative outlet, and find a way to tell stories.

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