Creating order

Horoscopes are funny things. You either believe in them or you don’t. I don’t typically put a lot of stock in my horoscope or what it is telling me about being a Capricorn. Today was different though. I took today off from work, this allowed me to actually sit and enjoy my breakfast. On a whim I decided to check my horoscope, and it said something that resonated with me, mostly because I’d been thinking about this for a while.

My horoscope said that I need to streamline my life and make it more user friendly, and that I also needed to get things in order before I start pursuing romantic endeavors. The reason why this resonated with me is because I have all these half completed projects around my house, but haven’t found the time to finish them. My master bed room basically became a large closet because I didn’t feel the need to put away my folded, clean clothes. My sewing projects had taken over the guest room, and I have a bin in the kitchen filled with mail that needs to be filed.

For most people this wouldn’t be a problem, but it is for me. I’m an organized person, so clutter makes me crazy. It also stresses out my son because he’s autistic. Things always have to be in their place or else it’s too visually stimulating for him, and he doesn’t know where to land or what to do. He becomes hyper and whiny, and it’s not fun calming him down. The clutter also stresses me out because it’s one more thing that needs to get done, but because I don’t have the time or energy when I get home from work, it doesn’t get done.

I’ve been wanting to get back into the dating world slowly, and even recently asked someone I was interested in getting to know better out to coffee. This doesn’t seem relevant, but it is. If I don’t have time to complete projects, and straighten my house, then how can I add another person to it?

I need to take a brief time out, and step back, assess the situation and what needs to be done, then focus on getting it done. Then I have to work out a plan that allows me to get everything done that I need done. I remember the end of that movie “28 Days” with Sandra Bullock, she’s an alcoholic who goes to rehab and in the end, they explain that they have to ease back into dating and relationships. They start with plant and if they can keep that alive, then they can add a pet to the mix, and if they can keep both alive, then they are ready for a relationship.

While I’m not a recovering alcoholic, the concept still applies. I have to create a structured routine for myself that allows me to not only handle all of my responsibilities, but also allows me the possibility of adding someone to the mix in the future. I’m still going to keep my options open, but I’m going to focus my efforts on streamlining my life, and making it user friendly. There is no sense in pursuing someone if one can’t handle all of their responsibilities.

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