New year, new direction

After a series of opportunities took me away from this blog, I’ve decided to come back to it with a different approach.

Instead of focusing on crafts and projects, and this recipe or that, I’ve decided to focus more on my life and share pieces of it. I’ve noticed one of the big things about having a career and a child with autism, is that there isn’t necessarily people out their talking about their experiences or life.

I’ve found this to be isolating. Because of my work schedule, I don’t really have time to find a parent support group, or even take my son to his therapy appointments because I work. That role gets passed along to my babysitter. So, it’s my hope through this blog that I can share my experiences with others that may be in a similar situation, and then we won’t feel so alone.

Will I still do posts on different projects, crafts and recipes? Yes, but this blog won’t just be solely for that purpose any more. It’s growing up and taking a different form, and shape.

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