Somthing new

For the past six months, I’ve been applying and job searching with little success. I’ve had two job interviews, but zero job offerings. It’s been frustrating to say the least. Recently, an opportunity has presented itself, and I jumped at it!

I worked for almost four and half years in Anderson, California as a reporter for the weekly newspaper there. At the beginning of July, the decision was made by the corporation that owns the paper to eliminate the website. This leaves a news void in this particular community because the same corporation that owns the weekly paper, also owns the only daily newspaper in Redding, which is 12 miles away. Because Redding is the bigger city, the newspaper and television media devote more space to that community. So, I decided to start my own online newspaper.

I already created the website for The Anderson Standard, and am testing how stories appear using the theme I picked out by publishing the press releases the police department sends me. I also started a crowd funding campaign, and would greatly appreciate any donations or shares I can get. The link can be found here. I have three different perks for those who donate, and am really excited to get this project off the ground!

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