Coming Together

It has been almost two weeks now since I’ve had a refrigerator in my kitchen, and I can say I have greatly missed that appliances presence! I never knew how much I relied on my fridge being in my kitchen until the one I had up and died on me, and I had to figure out how to survive with only a freezer.

No easy feat for someone who has a 3-year-old that only drinks chocolate milk. Then I finally get my dream French door fridge delivered to my house with the knowledge that it will be in the garage for a few days, but then it will be back in my kitchen. Now, one week later, my dream fridge is still in the garage.

Last Thursday, I had asked a friend to come out and trim off the edge of the counter top to make it flush with the cabinet so that the fridge would fit. I had managed to get the old fridge out of my house and into the garage with the help of my dad. My friend and my dad were going to move the new fridge in, but my friend took some quick measurements, and that was when I learned the wall was square until about halfway through and then it started to shrink in.

So, my 36″ fridge was going to stick out of the space about 20″ and that wasn’t an option. The wall was not going to be coming down, so my friend said he would just build a new end piece at his counter top and cabinet shop, then trim 2″ off the cabinet and about 3.5″ from the counter top, then add the new end piece. This will give my new fridge plenty of space! So, tomorrow or Friday my friend will be here to fix the space.

In the meantime, I decided to paint that half of the kitchen. I have a galley kitchen, with very little wall space. I bought some mosaic back splash tiles at Lowe’s last year for when I finally replace my counter tops, and have my cabinets refinished. I had left over paint from my laundry room project, and thought maybe the “Pretty Orchid” color would help brighten my cave-like kitchen.

Flat grey-toned taupe paint is not a good look for any room, despite its light color, without the sheen of a semi-gloss or gloss paint, there is no reflective quality. Any light coming from my lone window seemed to just disappear! I grabbed the mosaic tile and went into the laundry room.

After getting input from a few friends, I took the plunge to go with the same color, over a cream paint I also had left over. And I’m glad I did! All the other rooms in my house, with the exception of my son’s room are all neutral colors. Liam has a bright blue focal wall, with the other three walls painted cream.

Now the kitchen and laundry room flow into each other, both are brighter and have personality. I even decided to change the soffet color from “Green Tea” to the Pantone color of the year – Radiant Orchid!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, questioned that choice, but in the end, I really think it adds some fun to the space without going overboard. Besides, it’s just paint and if it makes me crazy in a month or two, I’ll paint it the same color as the rest of the kitchen; however, I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback about the new color.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

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