So, over the weekend the fridge part of my refrigerator unit stopped getting air blown into it. When did I discover this? Saturday night, after I came home from visiting family. Of course, I had just gone grocery shopping earlier that day.

Needless to say it was a mad dash to get as much food into the freezer compartment, as well as over to my parent’s house where they fortunately have a second refrigerator in their garage.

My son only drinks chocolate milk, and has a limited repertoire of food he’ll eat, so the past few days with a fridge have been challenging! My morning has consisted of getting up an hour earlier than normal, so I can thaw out milk for him before he gets up for breakfast.

But I digress, so Monday was a welcome day because it meant I could have the refrigerator fixed, or so I thought. The appliance guy came out and told me that the compressor had gone out, and it was only a matter of a few days before I lost the freezer too.

It was devastating news, I’m still unemployed and looking for work, and my unemployment ran out Friday, so I am scrambling to find ANYTHING at this point, so the bills get paid on time, how was I to afford a new fridge? Enter my angels, Bob and Debbie, owners of Appliances Direct in Redding. They sell quality, new scratch and dent items, as well as non-scratch and dent appliances, but I already knew I would be looking for something cheap to get me by.

Well, they managed to find a dream refrigerator for me, in the price range I needed it to be in. I dipped into the savings I have to renovate the studio for the purchase, but at least the majority of the money is still there and the renovation will get done, and I have a new fridge that will last me 15 or more years.

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