Up and Running

Last week I contacted my former editor and asked to see if he had any freelance work for me. Fortunately for me, he is need of stories. So, tomorrow I’ll be back out in the Anderson community covering a few different events, then I’ll be on the look out for more timeless features. Those come in handy so many times for freelance writers, just having contacts that can give you those kinds of stories are invaluable.

In addition to freelancing for the newspaper I used to work at, I’ve been sewing up a storm. A few years back. I created an online store on Etsy, but I never had the time to craft and fill it to sell things. Being unemployed has given me plenty of time to not only write, but to also catch up on projects and sew.

I’ve been making baby blankets and baby sheet sets with baby blankets. It’s my hope to start selling my creations to people who will get genuine use out of them, rather than me starting at them in the playroom. If you’re interested in checking out my creations head over to www.etsy.com/shop/mcolwell85 – I’ll be changing the name of my shop within the next few weeks to something much more creative. I also set up a board on Pinterest to help promote my offerings.

My very good friend recently read through the fourth version of the screenplay I’m working on. She sent back an email full of comments, recommendations, and grammatical errors. So, I’ve spent the past few days re-writing basically then entire middle of the screenplay. Once the middle is complete, I’ll then read it all the way through while making changes to the beginning and the end. Whoever said writing was easy is a liar!

Aside from writing, trying to get interviews to write stories, and sewing, I’ve been making progress on one of my front planters. I have five large, brick planters around the front yard that act as my curb appeal. The very front planter looks good, except I need to weed it this next week. The two planters that are right by the front door have been severely lacking, until now. I researched and asked questions about what type of plants would work best from the wonderful folks at Lowe’s, and so far, their recommendations haven’t died.

I will view it as a total victory once we get past the 4th of July. But so far, the plants have stood up to two heat waves, and the limited waterings due to the drought in California. To help the plants out, I bought 4 bags of mulch over the weekend because they were on sale for $12, and you can’t beat that price.

There is still one corner that needs to be weeded, and then I can plant the lily bulbs I bought last year, but never got around to planting. Once those are in the ground, then I can finish covering the area with mulch and I’ll be completely done. I’ve included photos of the progress over the past few weeks. I’m hoping to do a DIY fountain project over the weekend. If I do, then there will be a nice blog post and lots of photos.

Enjoy your hump day and the photos!

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