Busy, Busy!

Things have been moving along, and it seems like the days are just flying by. My son was recently diagnosed as a level 2 autistic. It was nice to finally know what exactly I’m dealing with, and know that there will be a plan moving forward. We are meeting with his services coordinator later this week, which will give me a better idea what some of the information the psychologist gave us means. For example, the psychologist said he needs occupational therapy every day, but how many hours? Weekdays only? Or literally every day?

It will be nice to finally have a context for all my questions, as well as an education plan moving forward. His psychologist said she felt strongly that in time, he will be normal or at least in a place where his autism doesn’t effect him. I’m looking forward to the meeting with services coordinator, and also getting my son involved in different activities over the summer, like swim lessons. He will probably have to have private swim lessons because of his autism, but at least it will get him to try something different, in an environment that he loves.

I have FINALLY finished my laundry room, and the ceiling looks AMAZING! The room seems so much brighter and cheerful. I actually enjoy being in there to do laundry and crafts. Speaking of crafts, Father’s Day was Sunday, and Pinterest was flooded with great ideas for what to make dad. I found this really awesome project for my Dad’s poker room. So on Saturday, my sister and I made a run to the local Michael’s and picked up everything we needed…. Well, almost everything, but we’ll get to that.Image

So, after seeing this shadow box DIY project, I sent it to my sister. She and I came up with some ideas to make it more personal for our Dad and show him that we do pay attention. He loves football, and his favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but try finding anything like that in the scrapbook section in California. We found a package of pre-cut football things for scrapbooking, and used double sided foam tape to adhere it to our 11×14 shadow box. We couldn’t find anything beer related, so we took a trip over to the paper, and grabbed silver and blue – our Dad drinks Coors, so we decided to make one. Then we found a mountain range back with the stickers, and some red and silver letters.

We found these cool silver letters for the main slogan, but this is where it gets fun… And by fun, I mean frustrating. So, in the original picture, the person used actual sticker letters. But my sister and I liked the silver, cardboard type letters with adhesive on the back. We both figured they would stick to the glass just like the other letters – Yeah, WRONG! I got the letters all lined up, and then peeled off the back and stuck them to the glass. I put a couple of heavy books carefully on the letters, then let it sit overnight hoping it would help the bond. When I got up in the morning and took the books off, I stood the shadow box up carefully and noticed right away that the letters weren’t staying. I quickly turned to Google, and discovered a glue that would work. It’s a bonding cement used in jewelry making. I ran back to Michael’s, bought the glue, and then came straight home.

I glued the letters on carefully after reading the directions several times. They are really straight forward, but it’s bonding cement, and I really didn’t feel like going to the hospital to get my fingers apart, or eye lid unglued. Once you take the cap off, the glue starts coming out, so be prepared and learn from me. Fortunately, I was at my dinning room table, so I just grabbed a napkin. I had also laid down newspaper, so things would’ve been OK, but I still feel like you should be warned.

Once the glue dried, I gave it a solid 4 hours because I was wrapping it and really didn’t feel like trying to get a letter off the tissue paper. Everything turned out perfect and our dad loved it! We are going to fill it up with can tabs instead of beer bottle caps because my dad prefers the cans over the bottles. It’ll give it yet another person touch 🙂

Below is a photo of the finished product! Have a happy Wednesday!


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