Unexpected Blessings

I was a reporter for a small newspaper for 4.5 years, and in December my position was eliminated. I was fortunate to receive a severance package, and a tax return after filing. However, after paying off a few things, and then catching us up on our bills, the money ran out.

One of the biggest projects I had wanted to add was a bathroom to one of our outbuildings that is currently a studio space I use for guests. It was my hope that we could rent it out for some additional income to help easy the burden. We fall short every month because my unemployment is around 60% of what my former income was, and even cutting out all the extras, we are still short by a few hundred dollars each month.

Our problem is we can pay the bills, and not eat. Or eat and not pay the bills. Because I own my house, if we go on any kind of public assistance, the government will either sue my ex-husband to get the money or put a lien against the house. My ex-husband doesn’t have to pay child support in exchange for my having sole legal/sole physical custody of my son. I call him on occasion when we need money to help us out, and he gives it to me.

Well, the other day I reached out to him to ask if he could pay for my son’s health insurance, and he agreed. We talked and caught up on each others lives, then we disconnected and I didn’t give it a second thought. He called last night, and offered to pay for the bathroom addition to the studio, and he said to not worry about paying him back. It was an amazing blessing, and is a huge relief lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been praying for a few months for help and direction, and it looks like my prayers have been answered.

I called a friend of the family who is a contractor, and he will be over this afternoon to look at the space and he’ll also get the permit for the new bathroom. For the first time since I lost my job, I know that things are going to work out in time, I just need to be patient and keep praying foe guidance as I walk through this new chapter in my life.

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