Kitchen Update

So, my sister was supposed to come over and help me paint the ceilings in my laundry room and kitchen; however, she ended up getting a sinus infection and bronchitis. My son is 3 and autistic, so he loves to help and needs to be near me at all times. He makes painting interesting.

In light of my sister’s illness, I decided to do a small paint project in my kitchen that involved a paint sample of “Green Tea” from Valspar and a brush. Painting with a brush does take a little longer, but its worth it to not have my son tip over a paint tray.

My upper kitchen cabinets both have soffits, but only one of those soffits is lath and plaster, the other is made of the same wood my cabinets are made out of. For the past few years I have dreamt of painting the soffit, putting up a quote I bought, and then painting the rest of the kitchen a nice cream color.  In a few years, I’ll have the cabinets stained a darker color, put in a new counter, install a tile floor, and have new appliances installed. For now, I just want it to not look like a depressing taupe/grey color.

I did the first coat of paint tonight, and it took about 20 minutes. I wasn’t too worried about taping the ceiling because that’s going to get a fresh coat of paint next week. I mostly taped the ceiling in the corners. Then took my paint brush and carefully laid down an even first coat. Tomorrow I’ll add a second coat and paint the underside of the soffit, and will probably add a second coat to the underside of the soffit as well.

I’m a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, as well as a freelance writer, and I have been asked to do a friend’s makeup for her wedding on Sunday, so Saturday we will be practicing. That means no painting or craft projects this weekend, because I am also expecting to get a screenplay back with a bunch of edits, which will make for a long third round of edits.

Anyway, enjoy the pics of the progress so far. I really love paint samples because they allow you to add a touch of color or drama to an area for under $5. Being on a budget and having to slowly decorate after you’ve saved the money can be a real drag sometimes, especially if it is taking months. So, the instant gratification I can get from adding color to a boring space helps me feel like I am making progress towards my decorating goal.

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