Laundry room makeover: Part 2

Well, today was the second day of working on my laundry room. It was also the second time I went to Lowe’s in as many days, and I’ll be back there tomorrow because I ran out of the spackle I was using to repair the plaster.

One of the things I’ve noticed when doing projects around my house is that there is the original work of the builders from 1957 when the house was constructed, and then there are the additions from people over the years, who didn’t always know what they were doing. And it was one of these well intentioned renovators who is making my current project more interesting.

I’m not sure how many of my readers out there have actually added base moulding to a room, but one typically uses finish nails. Those nails are small and easy to conceal. Those are not the nails that were used to install the base moulding in my laundry room, however.

Is everyone familiar with the nails used to build a fence? Well those large nails are what the industrious people used to attach the base board in the laundry room. Let me tell you, even carefully using a pry bar didn’t help mitigate the damage. Before I went over to my parent’s house to get the pry, I tried using a flat head screw driver and even a mason chisel.

The chisel worked on removing the moulding along one side of the door frame where they had attached the sliding door so that it wouldn’t crash into the light switch. After that it was pretty ineffective. So, I thought I’d head over to Lowe’s to buy the new smaller moulding, get a sample of the paint color for the walls, and some touch up white for the moulding. I was also going to get a pry bar, but forgot. Luckily, I went to my parent’s house for dinner and was able to get one from them.

Once I got home, I went to work on the moulding, and cleaning up the disgusting mess under both the washing machine and dryer. Then this morning, I used a sanding block – which was going too slow, so I pulled out the mouse sander – to help smooth the rough patches to make it easier to do plaster repair.

Then this morning, I finished cleaning up all the dust and wiping down the walls where I sanded to remove any excess dust. I started spackling the area by the door frame and the bottom part of the wall, but sadly, I ran out. So, tomorrow I will be running out to Lowe’s again to get more spackle, and will have the help of my friend Kyle. He will be assisting me in repairing the plaster, staining the new base board mahogany, and taping off the room to be painted “Pretty Orchid.”

Enjoy the photos of my work so far, and stay tuned for additional posts.

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