Laundry room makeover

So, I bought my home about two and a half years ago, and the laundry room was just never completed. I always viewed it as something I would get to once I got everything moved in.

Fast forward two years, and the laundry room still has no purpose, and is basically just a catch all for clutter. Sure, I do laundry in there and fold clothes. I store harmful chemicals out of reach from my son in a cabinet above the washing machine. But the space could be better utilized.

While it’s not the largest space in the world, it’s not too shabby. I was recently on Pinterest looking at different ideas, when I realized what I want to do. The room is about 10ish feet wide, by 7ish feet long. The washing machine and dryer are on opposite ends, leaving an almost four foot space in the middle.

At the moment there is nothing I can do about the location of the dryer, in the future I plan on buying a stackable washer and dryer, and putting them where the washing machine currently is. For now, I’m going to put a desk in between both machines, which will double as a craft/sewing and folding area. I was talking to my grandma over the weekend, and she has a desk she no longer needs because the area that holds the tower to a desktop computer broke, and she bought a new one.

She was going to take the old desk to the dump over this weekend, but if I want it I could have it. So, my son and I went for a visit and while there I checked to see if the desk would work. Good news – it is perfect for my needs and is 47 1/8″ long. After returning home, I grab my tape measure, confident the desk will fit the space, and discover the space between the two machines is 46 1/2″.

I didn’t fret because I thought I could just take a circular saw to one of the edges and trim it, but then I looked down at the molding and realized if I replace the current molding – 1″x2″s – with quarter round, like the rest of the house, I don’t have to trim off any part of the desk. Then I thought, well if I’m going to change the molding why not re-paint the entire space?

The current color is a depressing grey/taupe color. When I bought the house, the bank had had it freshly painted, but it felt sterile, so before we moved in, I painted the bedrooms cream and the living/dinning room a light tan color. I didn’t have the money at the time to paint the hallway, bathroom, kitchen or laundry room too, so I figured I’d just paint the rooms everyone would be in the most, but now is my chance to check another room off my to-do list.

So, over the next few months I will be re-doing my laundry room – paint, molding, shelving and possibly the floor too (We’ll see how ambitious I feel). Stay tuned for future posts as I update everyone on the progress, and show off different projects that will be part of the makeover.

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